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"Checkerboard" Twilly Scarf - Green

100% mulberry silk 

Meet “Checkerboard” Twilly Scarf

This twilly scarf made of 100% silk twill is soft and light, making it perfect to use as a scarf or headband. To use it as a hair accessory, simply braid your hair into two sections and tie the ends together. You can also use it as an elegant bag accessory by wrapping it around the handle of your handbag.


"Checkerboard" Twilly Scarf featuring:

  • Material:100% mulberry silk 
  • Size: 120cm x 5cm ( 2"W x 47"L )
  • Design: Checkerboard patterns in blue, green and coffee colors
  • Craftsmanship: Double-sided stitching with different patterns on each side

"Checkerboard" Twilly Scarf - Green