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The New Way to Wear Silk

Silk has defined luxury for centuries. At Lost Pattern, we honor tradition while keeping it fun and modern. Silk can be as dynamic as you want it to be, no matter what your aesthetic is, silk has earned its place in your everyday life.

Silk in Every Pattern and For Everybody

Silk is durable, versatile, and perfectly complements any aesthetic, from boho to black tie and everything in between. Our designs are inspired by the diversity around us: nature, architecture, colors, and emotions. Lost Pattern pieces can be simple or bold. They embrace your unique vision. Everyone has a story, and we want to make silk wearable for all.

Coming to Life in New York City

We are based in New York City, the capital of art, fashion, culture, and diversity in the world. In this iconic city, a team of talents with different backgrounds work together to invite you to the world of silk and Lost Pattern. Our founder Cata Cheng is the creative lead; and co-founder Yong Wang fuses the essence of New York into our products. Together they create a vibrant silk story amid this exhilarating city.