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"Seasons in the Park" Silk Scarf - Black


Meet "Seasons in the Park" Silk Scarf

Celebrating our love for New York City and Andy Warhol, we present our new silk scarf featuring iconic Central Park four seasons scenes captured in pop art style. The design also features our dog Panda (he is 14.5 years YOUNG) taking a stroll in the park. The scarf edges are hand-rolled and hand stitched by our local artisans to honor traditional silk making. The tag is designed to be recycled as a coaster to show our commitment to sustainability in Fashion.

"Seasons in the Park" Silk Scarf Featuring:

  • Material: 100% mulberry silk 
  • Size: 65cm x 65cm ( 26"W x 26"L )
  • Craftsmanship: Edges are hand-rolled and hand stitched by local artisans

 *Due to the handmade nature of the edges, the measurement may vary slightly.

 How to Wear A Silk Scarf:

  • As a silk head scarf: tied around as a headband or as a head wrap.
  • As a silk neck scarf: wear it around the neck - tie a bow or let the end hang loose. 
  • As a silk scarf for bag: tie to the handle of your favorite bag for a classic look.
  • Style it any way you want in your own mood and creativity!

"Seasons in the Park" Silk Scarf - Black