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"Himalaya" Large Silk Scarf


This silk scarf is a piece of beautiful memory. As a tribute to her hometown, Cata (our founder and chief designer) drew the pattern of snow capped Himalayan mountains and Tibetan antelopes embedded deeply in her memory to honor her love for nature, which she has always been fascinated with since childhood. It is what Lost Pattern means - to honor and celebrate our beautiful (and sometimes fading) memories through storytelling.

This silk scarf is crafted with 100% ultra premium mulberry silk. It is printed both sides in different colors - a new technique of silk printing that Lost Pattern proudly masters. You will find the antelopes in yellow on one side and in pink on the other side. Other elements of this scarf also feature a lovely combination of different colors on reverse sides. Like all of our other silk square scarves and shawls, the edges of this gorgeous silk scarf are hand rolled and stitched by our local artisans.

This extra large silk scarf is for any style - a headscarf, a neck scarf or even a body wrap. It is lightweight yet warm enough to keep you warm during colder days!

  *Due to the handmade nature of the edges, the measurement may vary slightly.

Product Description:

  • 100% mulberry silk 
  • 90cm x 90cm ( 35"W x 35"L)
  • Hand-rolled edges with hand stitched finishing
  • Double sided printing in different colors
  • Patterns of snow capped Himalayan mountains & antelopes drawn by Cata
  • Multicolored in green, purple, white, grey


How to Wear a Large Silk Scarf:

  • As a hair accessory: tied around your pony, giving an elegant and bohemian look.
  • As a scarf: wear it around the neck, you can tie a bow or let the end hang loose. Goes well with a plain tube top or tank top to make the pattern stand out.
  • As a top: wrap around your body to make a beautiful silk tube top, tie it in the front or at the back.
  • As a shawl: loosely worn over the shoulders, upper body, and arms, and even overhead.
  • Style it any way you want in your own mood and creativity!

"Himalaya" Large Silk Scarf